Destiny to Musang King durian

I am a durian lover since I was in Vietnam. In 2015, when I came to Malaysia to live, I had the opportunity to visit and enjoy the most famous durian from Malaysia on mountains Bentong (Pahang State) – Musang King durian.
After 1 year of learning about Musang King in many localities in Malaysia, I realized that only in Pahang has the best and most accurate Musang King durian. I have chosen this durian as a key product to develop my business with two main products: whole fresh durian and frozen.
With the desire to bring this kind of excellent product to Vietnamese clients, I have started my work with customers who are staff of the Vietnam Embassy, of Vietnamese corporations are operating in Malaysia such as Petrol Vietnam, FPT Corporation. Receiving the praise and appreciation of these “gourmet” and “fastidious” customers, I decided to bring Musang King to Vietnam.
Until now, whenever durian harvest season came, my customers think of Yen Linh’s Musang King. Not only do they enjoy it, but they also bring this Malaysia No. 1 specialties as a gift to their colleagues, families, and friends.
Yen Linh Musang King has been widely known more frequently when we export this product to other countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore.

Musang King - Bentong - Pahang
Tiger Mountain – home of the most delicious Musang King durian in Malaysia.
Tiger Mountain is located in the mountainous region of Bentong, a durian paradise in general and Musang King durian in particular. Thanks to the special soil, suitable weather and plentiful fresh spring water, Tiger mountain has helped durian fruit to have a unique taste and one of the best in Malaysia.

Tiger Mountain - Bentong - Phang
Although Malaysia has many different types of durian, each with its own unique flavor, it can be said that Musang King at Tiger Mountain with big spines and pyramids, star-shaped at the bottom is the best durian fruit of Southeast Asian countries, and not too exaggerated to say this is the most delicious and attractive durian in the world.

Yen Linh’s wishes
Although there is no lack of durian in Vietnam, but each one has its own unique flavor. Yen Linh thought that Vietnamese customers have the right to enjoy the most special kind of durian from Malaysia, the Musang King durian.
Therefore, Yen Linh always wishes and honored to bring the most special Musang King durian to all the customers who are Vietnamese living in Malaysia and Vietnam.
Linh’s customers have and will enjoy the taste of this scrumptious durian. And Yen Linh is looking forward to continuing to serve our dear customers with standard products, the right region, the right taste, worthy of the title Musang King – King of durian!


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